Sport Aviators make up 80% of all pilots and aircraft. Due to the increase in cost and regulations, Aviation Fuel Club was created to reduce the cost of recreational flying by providing safe, environmentally friendly fuels and facilities. One means of reducing cost is to use commercially available, unleaded high octane fuel for automobiles. Known as "Mogas" by pilots, more than 50% of all aircraft can use this fuel. However, use of Mogas requires the same quality and handling standards as traditional aviation fuels to insure safety and performance.


A Fuel Club

Looking back on nearly three years of hard work, we believe the Aviation Fuel Club’s goal has been accomplished as follows:

- Reversed the trend in limiting “Mogas” at U.S. airports. Mogas is becoming more acceptable as seen in AFC Director Dean Billing's list and map of airports offering the fuel.

- Helped re-educate the flying community on the long, positive history of Mogas.  Countless articles on the subject have appeared in our newsletters and our GAfuels blog at General Aviation News, many of which have been cited by other media.

- Assisted numerous airports and pilots with questions related to Mogas safety, costs, insurance, suppliers, STCs, etc.

- Reported on the dramatic shift in focus among aircraft engine manufacturers who are preparing for a future with Mogas and Jet-A as the two primary aviation fuels.

- Advised several leading environmental groups opposed to leaded aviation fuel on the potential for its reduction through the increased use of Mogas.

- Worked with aviation fuel equipment manufacturer (and AFC sponsor) U-Fuel to develop a new line of highly-affordable 'Mini-Fuelers' to lower the cost of adding more fuel options to airports.

- Assisted several AFC members who have established Mogas distribution companies such as Clear-Gas of Merced, Calif. and AirWorthy Autogas of Phoenix, Arizona.

- Supported Mogas STC owner Petersen Aviation in educating the flying community on the history of the Mogas certification process that has contributed to Mogas's long history as a safe aviation fuel.

- Sponsored U2OSH, a symposium celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Mogas STC at EAA AirVenture 2012.

The Directors of the Aviation Fuel Club are satisfied that our efforts have contributed to real and lasting progress towards our goals.  We are grateful for the support of AFC members and our sponsor, U-Fuel, Inc.

You can reach us through our contact links at U-Fuel, on our GAfuels blog and through the  Petersen Aviation web site. We will continue to work to lower the cost of flying through more and better options in aviation fuel.

We wish you all Safe Flying!