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Aviation, Marine, and Mining Fuel Stations

U-Fuel's aviation fueling stations supply fuel to commercial and private aircraft in all parts of the world. U-Fuel also has many years in the marine and mining fuel systems field.

Aviation Fuel Stations

U-Fuel began by designing and operating aviation fuel stations at airports in the United States. U-Fuel has owned various airport facilities including a fixed base operation at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where the world's second largest aviation show is held each year. U-Fuel systems have fueled virtually all types of flying objects.

Marine Fuel Stations

Many US Coast Guard bases throughout the United States use U-Fuel marine fuel stations to fuel their marine fleets as well as jet helicopters for rescue operations. U-Fuel has designed and provided unique fuel stations to meet special Coast Guard requirements.

Mining Fuel Stations

U-Fuel also specializes in providing multiple fuel tanks with high speed transfer pumps for mine operations. Many U-Fuel mining fuel stations are designed and constructed to be automated, self-powered, and high speed fuel systems for strip mining. Mining fuel stations can also be piped deep underground with special features to dissipate very high head pressure at the point of use. U-Fuel has provided quality fuel stations for BHP, Penoles, and other mineral companies.

Aviation Fuel Station

Helicopter Fueling

Marine Fuel Station

Mining Fuel Stations

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