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Remote Fuel Islands and Systems

For locations where dispensing must occur at a distance from above or belowground fuel tanks, U-Fuel offers Remote Fuel Islands with dispensers, valves and electrical fittings pre-installed with secondary containment. Transition sumps with underground pipe, valves, fuel monitoring and leak detection systems are available as a package.

Fire Resistant Enclosed Islands

For use in areas where fire codes prevent locating pumps and equipment adjacent to tanks. U-Fuel provides a Fire-Resistant Enclosed Fuel Island with steel hood, fire-rated walls and lockable doors. The fire-rated design allows locating dispensing equipment close to the tank on the same support structure. Options include light with switch, automatic fire suppression system above dispensers, tank and system monitoring equipment, self-service systems and a 20’ tall light pole with LED light that installs at the side of the enclosure.

Non-Enclosed Fuel Islands

For installations not requiring the enclosure and doors, U-Fuel Non-Enclosed Fuel Islands are available with the dispenser and other accessories installed on a steel deck above a secondary containment pan.

Transition Sumps

U-Fuel provides fiberglass sumps for burial adjacent to fuel islands for connecting underground pipe and conduit to the remote tank(s). The liquid proof sumps allow leak monitoring of underground piping.

Enclosed Fuel Island