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U-Fuel products fall into seven major categories, based on the unique designs required to comply with regulatory fuel requirements, safety issues, unique fueling procedures, transfer speed, level of security and accountability, traditional vessel volumes, and special environmental concerns.

Retail, Marine, and Fleet Fuel Stations

As the earth is constantly moving due to temperature, earthquakes, floods and climate change, people are realizing there is less damage to equipment and the environment using self-contained aboveground fuel stations attached to a structural base.
View our aboveground fuel stations.

LPG, E85, and
Alternative Fuel Stations

U-Fuel has been installing ethanol stations since the mid 1990's beginning with the state of Iowa Department of Transportation. Over the years, we have modified our systems to be compatible with various alternative fuels and comply with regulations required by various jurisdictions.
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U-Fuel Aviation Fuel Stations supply fuel to commercial and private aircraft in all parts of the world. U-Fuel has many years of experience providing fuel systems for fixed wing, helicopter and diverse aviation applications.
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Underground Tanks and
Water Treatment Systems

U-Fuel provides several options for customers requiring underground fuel tanks to meet or exceed internationally accepted standards.
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water treatment systems.

Power Generation

U-Fuel offers generator base tanks structurally designed to support generators while providing fuel, underground tanks and control systems for backup power generation, and aboveground tanks and generator supply systems (GS2) providing fuel to multiple generators as needed.
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Defense Fueling Systems

U-Fuel Defensive Fuel Stations supply fuel to commercial and private defensive forces in all parts of the world. U-Fuel has many years of experience providing fuel systems for all defensive applications.
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Monitoring and Control Systems

U-Fuel provides electronic liquid level and leak sensor monitoring systems for fuel tank installations, water purification control and emergency backup generators. Output can be converted to building management systems monitored by wireless devices and/or manually controlled.
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U-Fuel offers a complete line of parts and accessories for use with U-Fuel products and general petroleum dispensing, handling, and filtration.
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U-Fuel Retail Box Station

U-Fuel E85 Fuel Station

General Aviation U-Fuel Box Station

Permatank Underground Fuel Tank

Generator Supply System

Enclosed Fuel Island

Monitoring and Control Systems

Progressive Filtration System