Alternative Fuel Stations

One of the first listed providers of alternative fuels by the US Department of Energy, U-Fuel has been installing alternative fuel stations since the mid 1990's.

Alternative Fuel System

A Leader in Environmentally Friendly Fuel Stations

Customize fuel stations to meet your requirements.

In the mid 1990's, U-Fuel installed ethanol fuel station for the state of Iowa Department of Transportation. Over the years, U-Fuel has modified its systems to be compatible with various alternative fuels and comply with regulations required by various jurisdictions.

As the global focus for economical and environmentally friendly fuels increases, U-Fuel will lead the way in designing fuel systems to accommodate the new alternative fuels.

One of U-Fuel's newest stations is the totally remote methanol fuel station. This "turnkey" alternative fuel station can operate remotely with any major credit card and comes pre-assembled with all pumps, valves, vents, card reader, and electrical fittings installed and tested in the factory.

Major components of the U-Fuel alternative fuel stations include:

  • 1,000 to 30,000 gallon, double wall, fire-rated fuel tank with integrated pump pad
  • Hood with explosion-proof light
  • Overfill and spill containment
  • 22GPM compatible pump
  • FuelForce integrated card reader
  • FuelServe website
  • Cell modem communication
  • Fleet card billing and settlement
  • Horizontal or vertical models