Military Fuel Stations

U-Fuel provides inconspicuous, independent fueling stations that operate anywhere to support your mission.

Portable Military Fuel Station Military Fuel Station 60GPM Duck Billed Nozzle

240 GPM Fueling

Fill, recirculate, and dispense.

  • 4,000 gallon UL listed tank with internal honeycomb baffles and secondary containment
  • 20' ISO container for land, ocean, or air transport
  • 380V 50Hz slide out generator for maintenance
  • US FAA approved filters for jet fuel
  • Low point water detection system and drain
  • El1581 5th edition filter/separator with category M (military) 1st stage coalescers (.4 micron filtration), 2nd stage separator, air eliminator, and pressure relief valve
  • Multiple pressure gauges
  • 3" pump, meter, and valves
  • High level pump shutoff with override
  • 50' grounding reel
  • 50' dead man control
  • Mechanical fuel level gauge
  • Audio-visual high/low alarm
  • Sloped tank with low point drain
  • Interior lighting and area lights for night operations
  • Breaker panel
  • Universal receptacle for auxiliary power
  • Stainless steel foldout steps for easy access

Reel Cart Option: Reel cart with 100' hose to system and 100' hose to aircraft provides rapid deployment and is capable of fueling four aircraft simultaneously at 60 GPM.

60 GPM Fueling Stations

Ideal for aircraft and vehicle refueling.

  • Submersible pump with pressure relief valve
  • .5 micron, water absorbing filter monitor (El1583 6th edition)
  • Liquid controls mechanical meter
  • 50' aviation hose and reel
  • 50' grounding reel
  • Dry-break quick disconnect to change nozzles
  • Dead man for single point fueling
  • Overwing, single point, or truck nozzle