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U-Fuel maintains an inventory of major components and accessories used in aboveground and underground fuel stations. Other parts can usually be obtained within three to five working days.


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U-Fuel Progressive Filtration System

The all-new, high capacity U-Fuel series filtration system offers the highest quality, particulate and water absorbing filtering for gasoline, diesel, 100LL avgas and bio-fuels. As fuel is filtered through the dual cartridge system, the micron rating becomes progressively smaller.

bulletThe first filter is 10 micron water absorbing media which
    eliminates any large particules and water.
bulletThe second filter is a progressive micron water absorbing
    media which eliminates particulates as small as 2 microns and
    serves as a final line of defense to prevent water passage.
bulletThe fiberglass mesh provides a strong barrier which will not
    react with bio-additives.
bulletProgressive filtration provides the highest quality, water-free
    fuel for engines.

Some of the available fuel parts include:

bulletNozzles, breakaways, and swivels
bulletFilter housing and elements
bulletHoses: conventional, marine, and certified
    API 1529 aviation
bulletEmergency vents
bulletWorking vents: pressure/vacuum and updraft
bulletFlex hoses
bulletExplosion-proof electrical fittings: conduit,
    seal-offs, unions, couplings, etc.
bulletControl boxes: single and three phase
bulletAircraft fueling equipment: approved nozzles,
    filters, reels, hoses, and grounding reels
bulletMarina fueling equipment
bulletOverfill prevention: float shutoff valves, alarms,
    and spill boxes
bulletFuel level gauges
bulletTank top pumps
bulletHigh flow fuel transfer pumps and meters
bulletE85/Biodiesel compatible accessories
bulletWater Guard Aviation Fuel Protection


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U-Fuel Progressive Filtration System




Water Guard Aviation Fuel Protection