Fleet Fuel Stations

Save time and money by having your employees fuel vehicles on-site.

Fleet DEF Fuel Station

Diesel/DEF Systems

U-Fuel offers a range of configurable fuel solutions tailored for industries benefiting from on-site fleet fueling.

Enable your workers to fill vehicles on-site. When they fill their vehicle, the fuel system automatically records fuel, time, date, driver, and vehicle ID.

  • Gasoline, diesel, and DEF (heated dispensers and heated,circulating tanks)
  • WiFi communication between vehicle and fuel system
  • Fuel and system monitoring ensuring safe operation
  • Effectively manage fuel accounting
  • Unlock major cost savings by purchasing bulk fuel
  • Less expensive than underground fuel stations
  • Ease in shipping to remote locations
  • Rapid deployment in emergency disaster situations
  • Reduced cost for station and installation
  • Secure against theft and vandalism
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Optional internal power source
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