Filtration Carts

The U-Fuel filtration cart pumps, filters, removes water, and meters fuel at 158 GPM or 600 LPM.

Fuel Filtration Cart - Front

Only Pay for Clean Fuel after Water is Removed

U-fuel filter cart is ideal for remote locations.

  • 158GPM/600 LPM three phase pump with 10', 3M cord
  • 10-micron reusable bag filter
  • Parker two stage water coalescers and separator with sump
  • Water sensor switch to stop pump until excess water is removed
  • Fuel meter with reset
  • Grounding reel
  • Hard rubber tires (not for road use)
  • 2", 50mm trailer ball
  • Retractable tongue jack
  • Optional pump and meter available
  • Optional diesel powered transfer pump

One Product Cart:
904 lbs. (L 91" x W 50" x H 73.25")
410 kg (L 2315mm x W 1260mm x H 1860mm)

Two Product Cart:
1,323 lbs. (L111" x W 50" x H 73.25")
600 kg (L 2815mm x W 1260mm x H 1860mm)