U-Fuel's superior, versatile jet fueling solutions provide a wide range of customized, fully-equipped cost-efficient systems for distribution of aviation fuel.

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Leading the Way in Aviation Fuel Systems

U-Fuel has many years of experience providing fuel systems for fixed wing, helicopters, experimental, and other aviation applications.

U-Fuel began by designing and operating aviation fuel stations at airports in the United States. U-Fuel has owned various airport facilities including a fixed-base operation in Oshkosh, WI where the world's second largest aviation show is held each year. U-Fuel systems have fueled virtually all types of flying objects. Today, U-Fuel products are now found at airports, marinas, private vehicle fleets, and mining operations all over the world.

Since we're dealing with highly flammable liquids, built-in safety features for a modern self service fuel station are absolute necessities. With U-Fuel, these features include double-walled fire resistant tanks (stainless steel or internal epoxy lining in the case of jet fuel), emergency vents, a fire valve, normally-closed solenoid valves, and various other components required by fire safety regulations. Popular options to enhance usability and safety include lighted hoods; small built-on enclosures that provide a dry environment for transactions; electronic fuel level and leak monitoring systems; an automatic fire suppression system; listed tanks, and bar code scanners for authorization.

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications including municipalities, airports, fuel suppliers, small groups, and individuals, U-Fuel's aviation fuel systems can be installed anywhere. All aviation industry standards are addressed in our finished component assemblies. To best accommodate the evolving mix of fuels, these systems can handle two or three different fuels.

Water Defense System

Ensure there is no water in your fuel system.

U-Fuel's water defense system electronically senses water, disconnects power to the pump, and stops the flow of fuel until the water is drained. In cold climates, it's important that water in the fuel does not freeze. U-Fuel also provides a heater at the base of the filter along with a water sensor.

Traditionally, water removal was only used at large airport fuel farms. These systems were large, expensive, and could fail if not properly maintained, causing accidents when water got into the fuel. Another option for removing water from fuel is to use water absorbing filters that shut off flow of fuel until the filter can be replaced. However, these filters also absorb biocides and fuel additives necessary to protect aircraft at high altitudes. U-Fuel provides water coalescing filter that allows additives to pass through while removing water. Upon water accumulation, the system stops pumping until water is drained from the system, thus complying with ATA 103 requiring an automatic water defense system.

As more small jet aircraft are being fueled by aboveground fuel systems which accumulate water due to condensation, these stations should include a water defense system to detect water and stop fuel flow until the water can be removed.

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