Racing & Event Fuel Systems

The modular design of the U-Fuel system is easily transported and quick to install.

Racing Fuel System Setup Racing Fuel Pump Installing Racing Fuel Station

Portable Fuel Stations

The modular design of the U-Fuel system is ideal for race tracks and special events -- easily transported and quick to install.

The flexibility of a U-Fuel system limits the cost of providing fuel at special events and reduces the risk to sponsors that require fuel for attendees and attractions.

  • Easily transported
  • Quick to install in most locations
  • Complies with international safety standards
  • Operates on available power
  • Accepts credit cards and other forms of payment
  • Provides the same safety equipment for the users and the general public
  • Leaves the site unharmed once the system is removed

U-Fuel systems for special events are normally configured to dispense multiple fuels and blends as required.

U-Fuel systems can be designed to dispense many of the modern fuels including methanol, ethanol blends, 80, 87, 89, 91, 100, 101 C9, Jet A and other octanes, with special additives as required by land, air, and marine vehicles.

Complete with custom graphics!

Special art and graphics are also available on U-Fuel systems, eliminating the time and need for special decorating prior to the events.