U-Fuel defense fuel stations supply fuel to forces in all parts of the world.

Military Fuel Station Coast Guard

Flexible Fueling Solutions Designed for Military Operations

Since 1987, U-Fuel has provided fuel systems for a wide variety of military applications. With a wide scope of approvals and versatility, U-Fuel’s products effectively support your mission.

We have extensive experience working with the United States and other military to create fuel stations that can be:

  • Rapidly deployed in an emergency situation
  • Easily relocated if demands change
  • Supply gas, diesel, DEF, aviation fuel, jet fuel, as well as other alternative fuel options
  • US FAA approved filters for jet fuel with water defense system
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions such as low arctic or high desert temperatures
  • Designed to fuel multiple vehicles at once with 240 GPM
  • Inconspicuous, secure self-contained system in a 20' ISO container

US Coast Guard bases throughout the United States use U-Fuel marine stations to fuel their fleets as well as jet helicopters for rescue operations. U-Fuel has designed and provides unique fuel stations to meet special Coast Guard requirements. Some of these locations include: Annapolis, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Barnegutt Light, Beach Haven, Cape Hatteras, Chicago, Grand River, Marquette, Milwaukee, Ocean City, Sault St. Marie, St. Ignes, and St. Louis.

Military Fuel Stations