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Underground Tanks and Water Treatment Systems

U-Fuel provides several options for customers requiring underground fuel tanks to meet or exceed internationally accepted standards.

Permatank Underground Steel-Fiberglass Tanks

The Permatank underground fuel tank is a licensed technology by the Steel Tank Institute consisting of a double-wall jacketed underground tank. The inner steel tank provides structural strength, while the exterior tank made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) prevents corrosion. A unique standoff mesh and mylar layer separates the steel and fiberglass tanks creating a uniform interstitial space with monitor to ensure rapid and accurate leak detection. The Permatank underground fuel tank meets UL58, UL1746, and ULC-S603.1 requirements. Internationally, the Permatank is the most widely accepted underground storage tank.

STI-P3 Underground Steel Tanks

Another fuel tank technology licensed by Steel Tank Institute is the STI-P3 underground fuel storage tank. This fuel tank is available in single or double wall and incorporates a pre-engineered corrosion monitoring system. The double wall design features two steel walls and an interstitial leak detection well. The STI-P3 underground fuel tank complies with UL58, ULC-S603, UL1746, and ULC-S603.1 requirements.

PSI Oil Water Separators

The first step in cleaning water is removal of oil and solids. As each system must be designed for the specific location and effluent to be cleaned, U-Fuel works with our affiliate engineering firm PS International to design each system before manufacturing. PS International oil-water separators are designed to exceed US Federal, State, and Local wastewater discharge requirements. A wide range of separator sizes is offered and configurations include cylindrical and rectangular designs for above and below grade installations. Flow rates range from 1 to 5,000 GPM (4 to 19,000 LPM) with larger flow rates available by installing multiple units in parallel. PSI oil-water separators are designed in accordance with UL58, UL142 and UL1746 construction requirements.

Download the PSI Partial User's List.

Permatank Underground Fuel Tank


Underground Oil Water Separator


Aboveground Oil Water Separator